Elly Lagendijk


Shallow Waters
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An ongoing study of the exciting tension between water and air, were surprising new structures, dimensions and colors give an amazing insight in an allmost hidden world. Digital post-processing by Wouter Koster

Nature Photography
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Latest Work
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Upside Down (with Wouter Koster)
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About one year ago my partner Wouter Koster and I rediscovered the beauty of shooting on film. Film has an almost 3-dimensional quality, it makes you think harder about whether to press the shutter button or not, to really compose and paint with light. No instant gratification. you have to wait until the film is developed, and make the decision on what material to print. The beauty of natural light falling on your printed image is so rewarding...

Australia (with Wouter Koster)
16 kunstwerken

We visited Australia in the early spring, which gave us exiting colors of the beautiful landscape than you normally see in brochures... We experienced strong winds and thunderstorms, especially along the great ocean road. We hope you like the images we shot...

Sarphati Park
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2 kunstwerken

Some Crows
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Smaller work
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Playful, out of the box, enjoying myself...

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